New Zealand FileMaker Software Development

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Onmybusiness Software New Zealand

FileMaker® Development & Hosting

FileMaker Automatic Business Forms

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Free* Home Inspector 'S' for iPhone

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FileMaker Server Managed Cloud Hosting

FileMaker® Cloud Hosting

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FileMaker® Infrastructure macOS

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iiA Inspection Software App & System

Property Inspections & Audits

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Health & Safety Inspections

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Home Inspections Apps

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FileMaker Mobile App Software Development

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Contact Us

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FileMaker® Server Support New Zealand

FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. FileMaker Go and the file folder logo are trademarks of FileMaker, Inc.

Business Solutions made with FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Business Alliance
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For business solutions made with Filemaker Pro, we work close together software development company Ltd which is member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

What is the FileMaker Business Alliance?
The FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) is designed exclusively for companies that provide products and services based on the FileMaker product line. This includes FileMaker consultants, trainers, publishers, commercial solution providers, plug-in providers, and hosting companies. Companies looking to increase their business opportunities through exclusive sales and marketing support from FileMaker would benefit from FBA membership. The FBA provides a host of resources including promotional benefits, sales resources, co-marketing opportunities and product discounts to help you grow your business.